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Our dedicated team of attorneys provides comprehensive guidance and representation across a wide range of practice areas. Whether you need assistance with business law, personal injury, or estate planning, our firm is here to offer the legal solutions you require.

Real Estate Transactions & Development

GOING | WARD represents clients in both commercial and residential real estate transactions, as well as refinances and loan workouts and modifications.  From individuals buying or selling a home to businesses acquiring and selling large developments, GOING | WARD is experienced in the process leading up to the closing and the closing itself.  In real estate, it is important to have stellar legal representation from the time the offer is made to when the last document is signed at closing, as numerous issues may arise during any given transaction.  Our experience as litigators gives our Firm the unique ability to anticipate problems that may arise and address them in advance.  With foreclosures, short sales, tax sales, and bankruptcies leaving a considerable mark on many properties in our area, both commercial and residential, and thus potentially complicating the closing process, it is essential to have competent representation.

Like most real estate attorneys in South Carolina, our attorneys are licensed title insurance agents, writing for Chicago Title Insurance Company and Investors Title Insurance Company. Title insurance is a very important aspect of our practice and an area that any purchaser of real estate in South Carolina should, if they do not already, come to learn and understand.

GOING | WARD represents developers in all stages of residential and commercial development, including contract negotiation and preparation, land use and zoning, negotiation and preparation of development agreements, preparation of covenants, conditions and restrictions and formation of owners’ associations and preparation of by-laws for same.

Civil Litigation

At GOING | WARD, our civil litigation practice is founded on unwavering advocacy, meticulous preparation, and a relentless pursuit of justice. With a team of skilled litigators, we stand ready to represent your interests in a wide range of civil matters. Whether you’re facing complex commercial litigation, personal injury claims, or contractual disputes, we leverage our extensive experience to craft effective strategies tailored to your unique case. Our commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients and our dedication to ethical representation sets us apart in civil litigation. Trust GOING | WARD to be your staunch advocate in pursuing a fair and just resolution to your legal challenges.

Our areas of civil litigation include personal injury/wrongful death, medical malpractice, contract and business disputes, construction disputes and mechanic’s liens, real property disputes, and HOA Enforcement.

Estate Planning

At GOING | WARD, our estate planning services are designed to safeguard your family’s future and secure your assets. Our experienced attorneys work closely with you to create tailored plans that ensure your wishes are honored, assets are protected, and loved ones are provided for. With a blend of proficiency, precision, and empathy, we make the complex world of estate planning accessible and ensure your legacy remains in trusted hands.

The attorneys at GOING | WARD have particular experience in contested probate administration, involving will contests, disputes over the exercise of authority and discretion by a personal representative, etc.

Additional Legal Services

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Beyond our areas of primary legal focus, our law firm offers a diverse range of areas where we go above and beyond in working to meet your legal needs. Whether you seek estate planning guidance, effective litigation representation, or support with intricate business transactions, our dedicated team of attorneys is here to deliver the thorough legal assistance you deserve.

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